Monday, October 23, 2006

My lighting was off on the camera, but I kind of like the way this picture turned out. We are outside the Art Institute of Chicago, which is downtown. Everyone kept on commenting about how cute Elaina was.

Our trip to the Pumpkin Patch. We climbed on Pumpkins, went on small and really tall slides, rode a pony and a choo-choo train and had lots of fun with our friends.

Grandma Powell, Elaina and I went to Graceland Cemetary, here in Chicago, where my Great Great Grandparents and their family are buried - Sam and Sarah Powell. It took us forever to find because there is no marker. The patch of grass that Elaina is standing on is right where they are buried.

Grandma Powell came to visit and Elaina took to her right away.

Another day at the aquarium, this time with Torry. The view of the city is really neat from there.

Elaina loves to swing. I think I could push her all day and she would be happy. It's a very dramatic time when we have to go...

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Our lovely apartment and our view. It's starting to feel like home.

Our first time downtown. We walked the magnificent mile which is the main shopping district downtown. Later we went to the cheesecake factory where we got the best cheesecake ever.

Fun in the park. Walking is the favorite now. She really likes the leaves.

Oh the cuteness. Elaina loves her new room and messes it up just as fast as I can clean it up.

Elaina will sit like this for awhile and just read to herself. How did I luck out to have such a low maintance baby?

I went to check on Elaina, and found her playing in her clothes basket with her stuffed animals. So Cute! I luckily got this picture before she saw me.

Elaina at the Aquarium. She loves watching all the fish. We got a annual pass and we've already gone 3 times.

Elaina trying out our new kitchen. I think she likes it.

This isn't a great picture because our camera takes lame pictures in low light. We had a great view of the game. Torry's school provided us with $25 in White Sox Bucks, which equals 2 hot dogs, nachos, a funnel cake, 2 snickers ice cream bars and bottled water. I better not eat like this all the time. Chicago seems to speicalize in the foods that one should never eat.

This is during our first week in Chicago. Torry's school took us to a White Sox game. This picture was taken from the upper deck at US Cellular Field, looking toward the city.