Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Okay, so I know what ya'll are thinking - Heather doesn't take pictures of her son - is he ugly, does he have a hideous birth defect she doesn't want us to know about? Seriously - I feel like a bad mom with the lack of pictures of Camden - and he is just about the most handsome little man that I have ever laid eyes on (no bias there). I think with all the moving and upheaval of our lives, I have just lost track of time, so if you don't mind, I'd like to take a little trip down memory lane and go back a couple of months and catch myself up.This seems to be the only time she ever wants me to take her picture - when she has the moon boots on. She thinks it's sooo cool.

Camden's first time with gel in his hair - he's already competing for the girls attention at church.

Torry climbed Mt. Timp this summer - he couldn't convince me to go. I enjoy not having sore muscles. Plus he got some good male bonding time with his best bud from highschool.

Torry's sister, Stephanie, is getting married this Chirstmas to a very sweet guy - Kyle. Kyle scored big points by helping Torry unload our stuff into a storage unit after we moved to Utah from Chicago. He also survived a camping trip to southern Utah with extended family, a rite that all potential spouses in this family must pass through (except for Todd, but he made up for it by actually picking up a rattlesnake Steve Erwin style during last year's trip). Welcome to the family!
Elaina got her first haircut this summer - just a trim. I was worried that she wouldn't like it very much, but she did and she is always asking me if she can get another one. I'm afraid I'm raising a salon junkie.
Elaina had so much fun hanging out with her grandparents this summer. Marie was always doing fun things with Elaina. Here they are making play dough.

We camped down in Capital Reef this summer with Torry's mom's side of the family. We went on some pretty sweet hikes. The first day we hiked down a river bed with lots of waterfalls. It was so much fun.

We also went home to visit my family in Montana this summer. My parents sold their house on the lake, which is kind of sad - but my grandma's house is on the same lake and she's willed it so that it can't be sold for 40 years after the death of the last surviving child. I feel pretty confident that we will always have a place to go boating.
Camden hated the life jacket, but after awhile he just gave up and fell asleep. I think my mom has a similar picture of me at that age.


Saw this watching House on hulu.com tonight. It cracked us up. Look at Bobby's face when he yells "It's good!"

Real post w/ updates coming.