Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Still in limbo

Well, I keep on wanting to update our blog - but I have to say that I just don't feel like there is much to say. We have been living with Torry's parents since June and Torry works on finding a job everyday while I hang out with the kids and Torry's mom. It's been a really laid back summer with playing in the backyard and the occasional trip to the city pool. We've gone up to Montana to visit my parents twice - the first time we spent the majority of it remodeling the basement of my Grandma's house so that my parents could live in it. My parents sold their house earlier this summer (bummer). This last visit to Montana was a ton of fun - a lot of the extended family was there and we spent everyday playing on the lake and every night around a campfire (my idea of paradise). The job hunt is going slow - Torry finds a lot of good possibilities and everyone seems to like him, but no one seems to be ready to hire just yet - we haven't gotten rejected and no one else is being hired for the positions he is interviewing for - we just are told something to the effect, "yeah, in a couple of weeks/months we will be very interested in you" Ahhh! But I am trying to be patient and supportive and I know that something will work out soon. Meanwhile, if anyone is passing through Utah and doesn't have enough family to visit, I would love to see you. I am feeling kind of lonely for my friends. I miss you all!