Friday, November 07, 2008

I've been tagged

I've never done a tag before because I have a hard time thinking of these kind of things, but I enjoy reading other people's lists so much, I thought I'd give it a shot. So here it is:

7 Things I plan to do before I die

1. Learn how to oil paint
2. Sing in the Mormon Tabernacle Choir
3. Tour Europe
4. Get all my pictures into a nice album with commentary
5. Have at least 4 kids
6. Eat something that costs over $100
7. Go on at least 2 missions with Torry

7 Things I can do:
1. Make fancy wedding cakes
2. Pick up things with my toes
3. Make, like, a 100 different kinds of soup
4. Survive a Chicago winter
5. Create desserts out of my head
6. Make Torry mad (trust me, it's hard)
7. Plug my nose with my lips

7 Things I cannot do:
1. Learn right and left (seriously - why can't I get it?)
2. Lead a well-balanced life (I tend to focus too much on one thing in a day - I'll get a lot of it done, but nothing else)
3. Wait (I'm terribly impatient)
4. Dive
5. Drive (with a stick) downtown Seattle without getting an anxiety attack (have you seen those hills?)
6. Program my oven to timed baking, so I'll quit burning things
7. Read enough to Elaina (we read for at least 1-2 hours a day, but she is always asking me. I am always feeling guilty when she asks and I have to say "Not now")

7 Things I would have on a deserted island:
1. Torry (Not only is he my best friend, he knows something about everything and would definitely come in handy)
2. ipod full of movies and music
3. solar ipod charger
4. my bed
5. fishing pole
6. salt (for all the fish I'll be catching)
7. matches

7 Things I say most often:
1. "Is that so?" (To Elaina)
2. "I Love you" (I'm afraid it's become a default when I don't know what else to say, although I always mean it)
3. "Just a sec" (Elaina is constantly asking me to do things while I am doing something - she hears that a lot)
4. "Hey" (It's how I answer the phone - polite, huh?)
5. "That's right" (I say it so much, Elaina says it all the time now)
6. "Good job!"
7. "I'm hungry" (Nursing mother syndrome)

7 Celebrities I Admire: Yuck, I don't really admire any celebrities - but here's some I enjoy watching
1. Reese Witherspoon
2. Nicole Kidman
3. Hugh Jackman
4. Matt Damon
5. Daniel Craig
6. Mark Ruffalo
7. Meg Ryan (prebotox)

7 Favorite Foods
1. King Crab with butter
2. New York Strip medium rare with butter
3. Homemade, white yeast rolls with butter
4. Hot Chocolate and popcorn with butter
5. Hearty Winter-time soups (often with wheat-sourdough bread and butter)
6. Lindt Creme Brulle Petit Dessert chocolate bars (not with butter)
7. Ice cream

7 People I Tag:
1. Kristen
2. Lindsey
3. Audrey
4. Wendy
5. Amy
6. Lyndi
7. Anita


Amy Gelwix said...

How do you pug your nose with your lips? And Elaina was darling for Halloween!

Brandon, McKell & Ryker said...

It is always fun to learn new and fun things about people. Hey will you email me at so I can put your family on my list. THanks!

Erin said...

I can relate to the Seattle, hill, stick-shift thing. My sister lived there and when I visited I refused to drive. I hope you are loving it there. I think your tag post was great, by the way. said...

I got on your blog for the first time tonight and it is sooooooo fabulous. What a fun Halloween you must have had. How is the West Coast? I need your address for Christmas cards, but don't have your phone or email. Will you email me? Thanks Heather and we miss you guys!! Jacque Wood

Cierra said...

I didnt know you had a blog! I hope you don't mind, I found your's on Lindsey Parmenters, but I wanted to say hi! You should send me your email address so I can send you an invite, (my blog is private) then we can keep in touch! Hope you are doing good! You have such a cute little family!

Cierra said...

I forgot to leave you my email :0) It is

Hopkins Family said...

Hey Heath, I loved you lists of things. I was seriously laughing out loud. I will try to get mine together soon on my so called blog that is not even worth mentioning. I really miss you these holidays and I love the family picture you send us. Love you tons!!!!

jhoopes said...

Those are some good and interesting answers! I learned a lot about you. The one that sticks out is you being able to make Torry mad, even though it is hard to do!! Steve is the same way, but I have succeeded in that as well! :)