Monday, February 09, 2009

It's the most wonderful time of the year

One of the few (but awesome) highlights of this time of year is the many great TV shows that start up, and because of sweeps, they really make every effort to entertain! It's a little pathetic how much TV Torry and I have been watching. To help facilitate this pastime, we have been enabled by our TiVo. Seriously - how did people live before this wonderful invention? Word to the wise: don't get one unless you are willing to have a monthly payment for the rest of your life - it's like crack. One key benefit is that since you can skip commercials, we spend about 30% less time watching shows than we would otherwise. A lot of these shows are better (in our humble opinion) than many movies. Here are our favorites:

1. Lost (the best show EVER) It's a must to watch with friends - you almost need to discuss what is going on to understand it all. Went off the rails a bit in season 3, but has been solid since then.
2. 24 - this season is so good. We were a little worried, because the last two seasons were a little disappointing
3. House - Even though it's the same plot line in each episode, we still love it
4. Bones - It's fun and David Boreanaz is HOT
5. Life - Best police drama ever. Damien Lewis is amazing - funny, controlled, yet full of lethal rage. You won't believe how well you can see it in his eyes.
6. The Office - "Would I rather be feared or loved? Um... Easy, both. I want people to be afraid of how much they love me. "
7. Project Runway - Those people are so talented. Unfortunately we don't get Bravo right now.
8. American Idol - yeah, us and everyone else
9. True Beauty (our recent guilty pleasure)
10. The Mentalist - The leading man in this one is hot too. (Note from Torry: would it ruin it for Heather if I told her he plays a gay escort in L.A. Confidential?)
11. Psych - This one is always good for a laugh and probably my light favorite
12. Monk
13. Smallville

I often wonder what we could accomplish if we weren't spending so much time watching TV....


Myrnie said...

There's nothing better than time with your sweetie after the kids go to bed- sounds like a great thing!

Todd and Lisa said...

You are hilarious. But we are the same (except we don't have Tivo, which is why our kids go to bed by 7 or 7:30 these days). We have to watch our shows! Sorry I missed your call last night. I'll call you. Right now, in fact. Love you!

Josh & Melanie said...

I was SO excited when we figured out how to get NBC, ABC, and CBS here in Ecuador. We were ESP. excited that we'd get to watch LOST!! (we miss our LOST parties by the way). was major disappointment. We go to turn on LOST and rather than it being ABC, it's some british channel or something. Not LOST. We called the cable company and turns out ABC is no longer available in Ecuador!!! No more LOST! Well, we can buy it from iTunes but it's a pain and costs money. But totally worth it. Anyway, happy tv watching!

Melea said...

Just spending time teogher after the kids are down and vegging together in front of the tv is great. It is my fav part of the day and I LOVE almost all these shows. I have a favorite one each night. No tivo for us though, but someday! Enjoy House tonight!

Annie said...

I love Lost, 24, House and the Office, too! But usually since Todd works til 10pm every night and I don't have TiVo (sniff sniff), we just buy the whole series on DVD once it's out. Crazy, I know. But endless HOURS (and I do mean HOURS) of entertainment!!

Heather, do you ever watch Jon & Kate Plus 8? I LOVE it, but Todd doesn't (and I would think Torry wouldn't, either!)

Erin said...

I don't watch hardly any of those shows! I'll have to start catching up. We watch a lot of TV, too and I wonder what I could have invented myself by now if I didn't waste so much time staring at it.