Saturday, February 21, 2009

They know what they're doing, and how much it's worth

So today we took our (roughly) annual trip to Kiddie Kandids - for the first weekend in about 2 months, the kids aren't sick and are looking pretty good. Elaina is still recovering from a basketball injury - she bumped her head taking a fall in the gym. The bruise is now a nickel-sized green spot on her forehead, but her bangs cover it up pretty well. Heather's been looking for a window of opportunity for a while, and declared that today was the day.

Admittedly, it's not my favorite day of the year, but I'm kind of resigned to the fact that this expense will appear in our annual budget. Also, KK is better at working with kids than JCPenney, Target, etc. And they definitely don't send out coupons in the blue Val-pak envelope. Cost matters aside, I doubt I'll ever be excited about the logistics of getting the kids all cleaned up and trying to keep them that way while hauling them and their nice portrait clothes to the local Babies-R-Us.

Camden was very happy during the shoot but wasn't flashing any characteristic big smiles - he was all grins and loud noises. He drew a lot of attention. Elaina has a cheesy "on-demand" smile that the photographer skillfully subdued with some silliness and threatened tickling. Below are two pictures that didn't make the final cut. We don't want to ruin the surprise for those who are getting prints in the mail soon. Witness Elaina's somewhat cheesy (but authentic) giggle look. And here's an example of Camden's general silliness, with the biggest smile we got from him during the sitting.


Myrnie said...

That's 100% pure Camden- love it! :)

Melea said...

These turned out great! I love to see how they grow and Elaina looks so much like you Heather. Both are darling and I wish I could meet them. Hope you are doing well!

Hopkins Family said...

They are stinking cute. I can't believe how much they are going. It makes me really miss you guys. You really need to email me when you make postings.

Erin said...

Those pics are adorable! I cannot believe how big Camden is!